Jimmy's Hollywood






Jimmy's suggestions for a great time when visiting Los Angeles. Word to the wise: If you don't act like a tourist...you won't be treated like one.

The best tour in town. a great inside peek into the magic of making movies.

UNIVERSAL CITYWALK: Right next to the studio tour. Great shops, great restaurants...great people watching. Bring your bucks.



B.B. KING'S HOUSE OF BLUES: A part of Citywalk. If you love blues, you'll love this place. Great outside patio. You really get the feel of Tinseltown. Good food too.

PINK'S HOT DOGS: Best hot dogs in town! Choice of the stars. Watch for stretch limos to pull up for takeout. Odds are, there are stars inside. My choice: The Pink's Chili Dog with Mustard. Order two with plenty of napkins.

MAGIC MOUNTAIN: If you're into thrill rides, this is the place for you. Go early in the day to avoid long lines.

MAGIC CASTLE: If you're into magic, this is the place for you. Great view of Hollywood. Good eats, almost as many treats as tricks.

VIPER ROOM: Very dark bar, with very loud music. You never know who you'll see. If you want to stay, leave your camera and autograph book at the hotel. Outside is where River Phoenix died on the sidewalk.

GRAVELINE TOURS: Ride in a hearse and visit the final resting places of many stars. Also you'll see places where many a star met their maker. To say the least, this is a very unique tour. WARNING: Don't buy those "Maps To The Stars" They're a rip-off. Most of the star don't live there anymore. Most of the stars aren't even alive anymore.

KOI: A high-tech restaurant where you'll see stars and beautiful people. Bring your life savings as that's what you'll spend. Don't even think of pictures and autographs.

JERRY'S DELI IN THE VALLEY: Best sandwiches in town. You have to "go over the hill" as we say to get to the San Fernando Valley. It's worth the drive. Yes, bring your cameras and autograph books.

CHIN-CHIN ON THE STRIP: The most unique and tasty Oriental food in town. Get an outside table and count the Rolls Royces.


ZUMA BEACH: Up the coast, not far from Malibu. Don't bring the camera and, if you're brave, your clothes. Even though it's not legal, this beach has had its share of skinny-dippers.

SAN DIEGO: Rent a car and drive to the most beautiful city in America. Check out Old Town, the Gaslight District, Petco Park, the Zoo and San Diego Bay tours. Plan on spending a few bucks and a couple of days.

TIJUANA, MEXICO: While in San Diego, take the Red Train to the border, get on the Red bus to cross the border and plan on sampling a taste of Mexico. The bargains aren't what they used to be, but it's still fun to wheel and deal using what you remember from your 8th Grade Spanish class. TWO TIPS: Eat at The Hard Rock Cafe and DON'T give your change to panhandlers, no matter how cute they look. If you do, you'll be a "mark" that won't be left alone for your entire visit. The city of Tijuana agrees with my warning.

FARMERS MARKET: Back in LA located next to CBS Television at the corner of Beverly Blvd. and Fairfax Ave. You might see stars...CBS soap stars. Great shopping. All kinds of food. While you're there, go next door to CBS...you might get on "The Price Is Right."

IT'S A WRAP: A clothes shop on Melrose Ave. selling items that have been worn by stars in the movies. Bring big bucks. $$$$$

CHASEN'S IN BEVERLY HILLS: Eat like a star. Try the Chili, it's Elizabeth Taylor's recipe. No cameras or autographs. Dress up and bring what's left of your life savings.

There you go. Follow my suggestions and I'll bet you'll have a great time on your next visit to Southern California.