80 Things About Jimmy ... Plus One

1.  I'm working on a book called "Don't Sleep through Your Dreams."

2. I once wrote a syndicated newspaper column called Hollywords.

3. I won a Varsity Letter in high school for Golf.

4. Michael Jackson and I had the same dermatologist, the late, Dr. Arnold Klein.

5. I got fired from my college radio station; their format was classical, I played The Four Tops.

6. I've been married twice; both beauties with brains. One brunette, one blonde.

7. Elvis Presley once threw a Big Mac over my head.

8. I was a high school teacher of English, Journalism and Speech. Newspaper, Yearbook, Senior Class Adviser, and Golf Coach.

9. Detroit Red Wing Goalie Chris Osgood once asked for my autograph (for his Mom.)

10. I once worked as a Press Aide to the Governor of Michigan. (The Hon. George Romney, Mitt Romney's Father.)

11. At least once a year, I take a Rose to the unmarked grave of my dear friend, Roy Orbison.

12. I have had the same business partner for nearly 40 years, JC McKenzie. He's my "little brother".

13. I once met The Beatles. I took exclusive on-stage photos.

14. I bought my first car, (a Mustang) before I had my first job.

15. I have kissed The Stanley Cup. Stan kissed back.

16. I have The Detroit Red Wings logo tattooed on my body.

17. I have a Gold Record for the song, "96 Tears," for which I managed and produced. It was a #1 Hit for Question Mark and The Mysterians.

18. I once had a date with actress, Connie Stevens. She was the Cougar, I was the prey.

19. I have shot a hole-in-one.

20. I once had a Schnauzer named Joni that placed first in a dog show.

21. I once was hugged so hard by Dolly Parton, it bruised my ribs. My ribs have been turned on ever since.

22. I once hit a baseball over the right-field wall at the Minneapolis Metrodome.

23. I've been to every state except Alaska.

24. I can kick a 35-yard field goal.

25. I was the Advisor to a high school newspaper that was judged "The Best High School Newspaper in the United States." Buena Vista High School, Saginaw, Michigan.

26. I once rode with Tom Selleck in his Magnum P.I. red Ferrari.

27. I once dated an L.A. Raiders cheerleader.

28. I fell asleep on the rubber floor in the game room at the Playboy Mansion. My toes have skinny-dipped in the Grotto.

29. I've had my name in lights on marquees on both the Hollywood and Las Vegas strips

30. My Hollywood street name is "3J." For Jimmy, Jim, James.

31. I was once engaged to a Belly Dancer from Beirut, Lebanon.

32. I had my first taste of alcohol (Jack Daniels) with Johnny Cash.

33. I wrote the first positive review of a newcomer called Barry Manilow.

34. I met Johnny Cash and John Ritter on the same day. Years later they died within the same 24 hours.

35. I watched the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster with John Denver at his home in Colorado. John was scheduled to be on that flight. He gave his seat to the school teacher.

36. I once rode in a practice lap of the Long Beach Grand Prix.

37. I was the first to give Billy Ray Cyrus' "Achy Breaky Heart" a break. Hey World, You're Welcome!

38. I once had the lead in a high school play called, The Boarding House Reach. I played Wilbur.

39. I once played catch with my hero, Detroit Tiger Hall-Of-Famer, Al Kaline. Tiger outfielder Mickey Stanley took a picture of us.

40. I called my Mom every Saturday morning at 11:00 AM for 18 years straight until the day she passed.  

       In my mind, I still do.

41. Johnny Carson once sent me a personal thank-you for a column I wrote on him.

42. I once wrote Johnny Carson a personal thank-you note, after having lunch with him on his beach-front patio. It was there that he warned me not to do my show every day.

43. Joe Pesci named the movie "Jimmy Hollywood," after me. He borrowed my Mom's nickname for me.

44. The idea for my radio show was born October 13, 1984, at a Wendy's in Woodland Hills, California.

45. One of my other heroes, Hockey legend, Gordie Howe once called to wish me a Happy Birthday. (Hear the call)

46. I once did a syndicated television show with Zsa Zsa Gabor, called "The Video Connection."

47. Zsa Zsa Gabor once tried to hook me up with her daughter, Francesca. I didn't bite.

48. I was once a Disco D.J. at my club, The Platter Palace.

49. I was 14 years old when I did my first radio show on WSAM, in Saginaw, Michigan.

50. On my birthday, one of my wives gave me as a gift, a divorce.

51. I was once made an Honorary Member of The Canadian Parliament.

52. On Government Day at my high School, I was the Cemetery Commission.

53. I once pitched a Little League No-Hitter.

54. For six years straight Bob Hope sent me a Christmas gift.

55. My show has been heard in every state, every Canadian province and six different countries.

56. I once raised the Texas flag at Larry Hagman's Malibu home. Raising the flag, in honor of Dallas meant   it was Happy Hour at Larry's.

57. I once was a runway model in a fashion show. Once and only once.

58. My birthday is October 7. I'm a Libra, I was born in Saginaw, Michigan. In the same hospital as Stevie Wonder, St. Lukes.

59. My Mom's name was Dorothy, my Dad's name was Eddie, I have a brother named Jerry, and a late sister named Nancy. I am the baby of the family.

60. I have been on four of my stations for over 30 years. KSSK-Honolulu, CJWW-Saskatoon, WHAS-Louisville and CHYM-FM, Kitchener, Ontario. Glenwood RV Center in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan has been my sponsor for nearly 20 years. I am so grateful for all five.

61. I swim with the sharks; my two best friends are lawyers: Pete Hauffe and Mike Gorte. Pete and I grew up together and he's like a Brother. Mike played linebacker for the University of Michigan in the Rose Bowl.

62. The engagement ring I gave to one of my wives was once a toe ring for the Belly Dancer from Beirut. I will not waste valuable gold!

63. I once cooked an entire Thanksgiving turkey dinner. Also my St. James Stroganoff, with its secret ingredients, is featured in a published cook book.

64. I once worked as a Sports Reporter for a chain of Michigan newspapers. My beats: Horse racing, Big Time Wrestling and Automotive Destruction Derbys.

65. I married one of my wives after knowing her for only 23 days.

66. In the movie "Men at Work", Emilio Estevez' character, James St. James, was named after me. It was a joke on me, as the character is a garbage collector.

67. I carry in my wallet a strand of carpet that was once under Johnny Carson's chair on "The Tonight Show" set.

68. I had a fan-turned friend, Jim Korchinski of Edmonton, Alberta, send me an autographed Detroit Red Wings sweater (jersey.) It is signed by the entire 2002 Stanley Cup Champion Red Wings. Jim also sent me a signed sweater by #9 Gordie Howe. I have the best fans and friends in the world.

69. Seinfeld's neighbor Kramer, Michael Richards, was once my neighbor in real life.

70. My favorite restaurant is CHIN-CHIN on Sunset Strip in West Hollywood.

71. I have gone Trick-or-Treating with Elvira...Mistress of the Dark.

72. My bands appeared on Dick Clark's American Bandstand. Dick appeared on my show.

73. When times were tough before my radio show, I was nearly the editor of a video guide for the adult film industry. One of my first interviews was with adult film Legend, Ginger Lynn. I give thanks...the radio show worked, the video guide didn't.

74. Also before the radio show, I covered Los Angeles sports.

75. Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley and the L.A. City Council commended me for my contribution to the world of entertainment, calling me "Hollywood's only real live voice to North America."

76. I Produced and Directed a children's video called "Going to the Doctor." It's available on DVD.

77. In 2007, I was involved in car crash. A truck crossed the center line and hit me head-on. I say, "Thank God for seat belts!"

78. Lloyd Bridges, star of "Sea Hunt" and father of Jeff and Beau Bridges, taught me how to scuba dive in Hawaii.

79. I grew up listening to the late Detroit Tiger announcer Ernie Harwell. Ernie used to listen to me in Detroit on WOMC-FM.

80. One night while staying at Hollywood's famed Roosevelt Hotel, I saw the Ghost of Marilyn Monroe. I swear by this story. Marilyn's ghost has been seen by others at that hotel.

81. BONUS FACT: I once made whoopee at the base of a letter O in the Hollywood sign.